Overall goal: To improve the care and outcomes of patients with and at risk for chronic kidney disease (CKD) by executing the following activities:

  • linking an active clinical practice guidelines workgroup with relevant knowledge users
  • ensuring best practice for patients with CKD through knowledge dissemination of important guidelines to knowledge users
  • using existing laboratory and administrative databases to track the effectiveness of knowledge translation activity on process of care and clinical outcomes for CKD patients
  • identifying knowledge gaps in kidney disease that can be addressed through randomized trials facilitated by a collaborative network of Nephrology researchers working with knowledge users and guideline producers

Secondary goals:

  • To assist in training the next generation of kidney researchers in integrated knowledge translation and how best to work with knowledge users
  • To ensure that the cost implications of new interventions are considered within clinical practice guidelines, knowledge translation strategies and clinical trials
  • To ensure that the needs of special populations, including pediatric and Aboriginal people remain a priority