The Canadian Kidney Knowledge Translation and Generation Network (CANN-NET), is a partnership organization that links Canadian kidney disease guideline producers, knowledge translation specialists and knowledge users to improve knowledge dissemination and care of patients with kidney disease. CANN-NET brings together a national group of experienced researchers to address knowledge gaps in the treatment and management of kidney disease in Canada.

Using a structured process, knowledge users will determine CANN-NET priorities – guiding selection of guideline topics, knowledge translation (KT) initiatives, and selecting the most important new research topics. The CANN-NET KT Committee will work with the Li Ka Shing Knowledge Institute and with KT Canada to produce KT tools focusing on the most important guidelines for the appropriate knowledge users (patients, family physicians, or renal programs).

The work of CANN-NET is consistent with the third priority of Canadian Institute for Health Research (CIHR) 2009-2014 Strategic Plan (Health Research Roadmap) since it will establish a platform through which researchers and knowledge users can leverage knowledge translation and partnerships to capture the health and economic benefits of health research for people with kidney disease.