The Ad-Hoc Guidelines Working Group on Timing of Dialysisworks in collaboration with the Canadian Society Nephrology (CSN) guideline committee and the CAN-NET KT committee to review and assess the quality of available evidence and develop recommendations for use by Canadian nephrologists


  • To establish important outcomes related to timing of dialysis start
  • To perform or provide  a systematic review of the literature on outcomes related to the timing of chronic dialysis start ;
  • To develop evidence tables of available evidence on outcomes related to timing of dialysis start
  • To use the evidence , to provide recommendation and guidelines regarding the timing of dialysis start;
  • To develop a construct using the Grade format for guideline development
  • To provide communication  to the Knowledge Translation (KT) Committee to assist with the optimal methods of knowledge dissemination to enhance the care of patients with kidney disease;


  • Chair and co-chair appointed by the CANN-NET Executive Committee
  • Members
    • between four and six leading scientists with expertise in guideline development and /or timing of dialysis initiation (including nephrologists in academic and private practice)
    • 2 persons with expertise in literature review and retrieval
    • Representative from the CSN Guideline Committee and the KT committee
    • Chair of CANN-NET (ex officio)
  • Ad hoc project-specific members at the call of the chair


The Ad-Hoc Guideline Working Group on Timing of Dialysis Start Committee is accountable to CANN-NET Executive Committee 


  • The group meets via online meetings, teleconference, email and other available technology
  • The group may meet face-to-face  once with knowledge users and partner ideally in conjunction with other meetings
  • Minutes shall be kept for all meetings as a record of discussion and action steps

Current membership of the Ad-Hoc Committee:


Institutional Affiliation

Chair : Louise Moist

University of Western Ontario, London, ON

Vice-chair: William Clark

University of Western Ontario, London, ON

Lianne Barnieh

University of Calgary, Calgary, AB

Adam Bass

Alberta Health Services, Calgary, AB

Brenda Hemmelgarn

University of Calgary, Calgary, Alberta

Swapnil Hiremath

University of Ottawa, Ottawa, ON

Scott Klarenbach

University of Alberta, Edmonton, AB

Gihad Nesrallah

University of Western Ontario, London, ON

Rob Quinn

University of Calgary, Calgary, AB

Pietro Ravani

University of Calgary, Calgary, AB

Manish Sood

University of Manitoba, Winnipeg, MB

Braden Manns

University of Calgary, Calgary, AB

Reem Mustafa

McMaster University, Hamilton, ON