The Knowledge Translation Committee assists the CANN-NET Executive Committee in defining, developing, monitoring and evaluating knowledge translation activities.



  • To facilitate the dissemination and uptake of best practices for the care of patients with, or at risk of, kidney disease across Canada.
  • To develop a framework for the utilization of databases in kidney research
  • To conduct research to determine the optimal methods of knowledge dissemination to enhance the care of patients with kidney disease
  • To develop and implement a knowledge translation communications strategy
  • To develop a framework for the evaluation of knowledge translation activities
  • To develop knowledge translation tools
  • To advise the Knowledge Users Committee in the area of knowledge translation 



  • two Co-Chairs appointed by the CANN-NET Executive Committee Members
  • between four and six leading scientists with expertise in knowledge translation and/or education
  • CANN-NET Knowledge Translation manager (ex officio)
  • Chair of CANN-NET (ex officio)
  • Ad hoc project-specific members at the call of the chair


  • The Knowledge Translation Committee is accountable to CANN-NET Executive Committee


  • The Committee meets via online meetings, teleconference, email and other available technology
  • If the budget permits, the Committee may meet face-to-face biannually with knowledge users and partner ideally in conjunction with other meetings
  • Minutes shall be kept for all meetings as a record of discussion and action steps 

Current Membership of the KT Committee


Institutional Affiliation

Chair: Joanne Kappel

Saskatoon Health Region, Saskatoon, SK

Vice-Chair: Allison Dart

University of Manitoba, Winnipeg, MB

Braden Manns (rep Executive Committee)

University of Calgary, Calgary, AB

Anita Molzahn

University of Edmonton, Edmonton, AB

David Naimark

University of Toronto, Toronto, ON

Sharon Nessim

McGill University, Jewish General Hospital, Montreal, QC

Michael Zappitelli (rep Pediatrics Committee)

Montreal Children's Hospital, Montreal, QC

Navdeep Tangri

University of Manitoba, Winnipeg, MB

Allan Grill

Primary Care Lead, Renal Clinical Programs, ORN, Toronto, ON

Selina Allu (KT Broker)

University of Calgary, Calgary, AB