The CANN-NET Knowledge User Committee will work with the Executive Committee and all of the CANN-NET working committees to guide CANN-NET priorities, and to facilitate knowledge translation activities.


  • To work in partnership with the Ad Hoc Guidelines Working Group to establish priorities for new Canadian Society of Nephrology (CSN) guidelines;
  • To work in partnership with the Knowledge Translation Committee to establish priorities for new knowledge translation activities
  • To work in partnership with the Clinical Trials Group to provide feedback on priority areas for new knowledge
  • To ensure adequate communication between knowledge users and the five working committees.


  • Chair and vice-chair appointed by the CANN-NET Executive Committee
  • Members
    • between three and five leading Nephrology knowledge users selected  based on experience, expertise, and geographic representation
    • CANN-NET Chair (ex officio)
    • CANN-NET Communications / KT Broker (ex officio)


The Knowledge User Committee is accountable to CANN-NET Executive Committee


  • The Committee meets via online meetings, teleconference, email and other available technology
  • If the budget permits, the Committee may meet face-to-face biannually with the working committees, knowledge users and partners ideally in conjunction with other meetings
  • Minutes shall be kept for all meetings as a record of discussion and action steps 

Current membership of the KU Committee:  


Institutional Affiliation

Chair: Adeera Levin

University of British Columbia, Vancouver, BC

Vice-Chair: Steven Soroka

Dalhousie University, Halifax, NS

Braden Manns (rep Executive Committee)

University of Calgary, Calgary, AB

Andrey Cybulski

McGill University, Montreal, QC

Nairne Scott Douglas

University of Calgary, Calgary, AB

Kailash Jindal

University of Alberta, Edmonton, AB


The Kidney Foundation of Canada

Andrew Steele

Lakeridge Health, Oshawa, ON

Cheryl Harding

Canadian Association of Nephrology Administrators (CANA)

Maury Pinsk (rep Pediatrics Committee)

University of Alberta, CANN-NET Pediatrics Committee rep.

Selina Allu (KT Broker)

University of Calgary, Calgary, AB