A joint CSN-CANN-NET Symposium was held in partnership the Canadian Association of Nephrology Administrators (CANA) at the Annual Scientific Meeting of the CSN

Topic: “Timing of dialysis initiation in Canada”

Objectives of 2013 symposium:

  • To describe current care in Canada with respect to timing of dialysis initiation;
  • To highlight the importance of timing of dialysis initiation to renal programs, and the challenges currently faced by renal programs
  • To highlight the evidence surrounding timing of dialysis initiation, and new guidelines for timing of dialysis initiation; and
  • To review general strategies to improve knowledge dissemination, as well as specific strategies that might be of relevance to timing of dialysis initiation.

 Download presentation or watch online below:

Overview of symposium / highlighting the issue 

Braden Manns

Download PowerPoint presentation (Presentation 1)

Review current care with respect to timing of dialysis initiation in Canada  

Manish Sood

(Presentation 2)

Adeera Levin

(Presentation 3)

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Download PowerPoint presentation (Presentation 3)

Perspectives of Renal Administrators

Rebecca Harvey

(Presentation 4)

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CSN / CANN-NET guidelines on timing of dialysis initiation

Gihad Nesrallah

(Presentation 5)

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Knowledge to action cycle applied to Timing of dialysis initiation

Joanne Kappel

(Presentation 6)

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