From data to best practice: an overview of increasing the use of home dialysis therapies

The 2nd annual CSN-CANN-NET Symposium was held in partnership the Canadian Association of Nephrology Administrators (CANA) at the Annual Scientific Meeting of the CSN on April 25th 2014 in Vancouver, BC.


  • To describe current care in Canada with respect to home dialysis use;
  • To highlight the importance of increasing appropriate use of home therapies, and the barriers to use of home therapies;
  • To highlight the evidence surrounding home therapies
  • To review the effectiveness of different strategies to increase the use of home dialysis therapies
  • To understand home dialysis from the perspective of an administrator.

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10:15 – 10:27am

(12 minutes)     

Overview of symposium / highlighting the issue


B. Manns

10:27- 10:44am

(17 minutes)

Variability in practice and review of the evidence on effectiveness of various dialysis modalities.

P. Komenda

10:44 – 11:01am

(17 minutes)

Overview of barriers to home dialysis (at the patient level, physician and other healthcare provider level, and health system level)

S. Nessim


(17 minutes)

A systematic review of strategies to increase the use of home dialysis

R. Quinn

11:18 – 11:35am

(17 minutes)

Perspectives on home dialysis – views of an administrator

C. Harding


11:35am– 12:00pm

(25 minutes)

Panel Discussion