Challenges in managing the needs of diverse CKD populations in Canada

  1. To delineate the different challenges (access to information, access to services, and navigation of remote systems) in care delivery to those from different cultural backgrounds, and geographical (rural, remote, urban) along the spectrum of CKD (prior to dialysis and dialysis, transplantation).
  2. To better understand the administrative and economic challenges of administering CKD programs to diverse groups, depending on structure of health care system delivery in regions, provinces, etc.
  3. To describe different types of patient engagement to enhance education and research participation, and the difference between translation and adaptation of materials for different groups.




The Patient Perspectives

Howard Vincent, Barbara LeGay

Challenges in care delivery in Indigenous/First Nations communities

Evan Adams

Meeting the needs to diverse populations: a broader perspective of challenges and opportunities 

Steven Soroka

Challenges meeting the needs of diverse populations with provincial CKD program constraints: an Administrative Perspective

Alan Weber

Engaging patients in health and education research

Nicolas Fernandez