Managing Vexing Symptoms for Patients with Advanced Kidney Disease 

  1. Understanding how symptoms of CKD affects patient lives and their well-being  
  2.  What are the causes and treatments for Chronic Fatigue and Restless Leg Syndrome in patients on dialysis - latest research?  
  3.  What are the effective Quality of Life strategies available to patients?




Introduction, format for the session, learning objectives &
Presentation 1: Artistic Images of Patients Living with CKD

Dr. Chris McIntyre

Video presentation of patient stories


Assessing and Managing Chronic Fatigue in the CKD Patient

Dr. Vanita Jassal

Restless Leg Syndrome – An Evidence Based Approach to Assessment and Management

Dr. Sara Davison

Fireside panel chat

Paul Duperron, Mary Beaucage, Janet Graham, Neelam Mann